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Consumption of alternative proteins is becoming widespread, and growing demand for products is leading companies to take production to the next level.

Scaling to commercial manufacturing is a challenging step for startups in the alternative protein space transitioning from development and small scale production to large volumes.

When you are ready for large scale production,
you need MGT BIO.

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1st Cultured meat
industrial facility
in the world

MGT is one of the only companies with proven expertise in design,
fabrication and installing cellular
agriculture production facilities

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15 Years facilitating F&B production

MGT offers profound experience in planning, designing and constructing processing plants in the food, chemical, cosmetics, ink & paint industries.
Our turnkey solutions have been part of the production process of dairy products, juice, egg products, and gravy.

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20 Years
of complex system integration

MGT brings extensive experience in dealing with complex processes, custom made systems, monitoring & control system integration.

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50 Years
in the business

MGT has been building reactors, mixing systems, and production facilities in food, biopharma, and biological driven industries for the past half-century.


Choose your application and see what MGT BIO can do for you

Cell Culture
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Cultured meat will become a significant share of the overall protein market. Taking it from lab to commercial-scale production requires a steep learning curve. MGT BIO stands out in this field as one of the single companies with experience in building a full-scale production line for cultured meat production. Our knowhow and customizable solutions will shorten your time-to-market, and help you realize your full production potential faster than others.


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Plant Based
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If your products are based on plant proteins, production lines surely involve processing, cooking, and perhaps even 3D printing of multiple plant ingredients. At MGT BIO we build automated lines which include tanks, reactors, heat exchangers, pumps, piping, valves, and sensors, and provide you with process-control software that guarantees even the most complex processes run smoothly and successfully.


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The process of fermenting using agents such as bacteria, yeast, or fungi requires very specific conditions in every application. At MGT BIO we help you scale your production to mass-market levels by developing high-volume fermentation lines that maintain your product integrity.


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MGT BIO, comprehensive solutions that combine hardware, software, process engineering and AI.

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Process control software

MGT BIO’s process control software is designed for bioreactor and fermenter systems.
It includes verified and validated modules that allow controlling a precise process according to specific requirements. The same control system can be used for one or multiple bioreactors and is easily interfaced with any additional equipment, allowing control of the entire process- upstream and downstream- from a single interface.

MGT BIO software includes:

  • User-friendly and intuitive operating structure.
  • Adjustable and controllable features including set values, profiles, cascades,
    calibration, PID parameters, operating modes, and alarm limits.
  •  Precise temperature control: (+-0.1 C).
  •  DO control…
  • pH control optimized for minimizing additive usage.
  • Calibration module for pumps and sensors.
  • Built-in modules for CIP and SIP processes.
  • Interfaces with plant equipment (filtration, centrifuges, CIP systems, etc.)
  • Graphical representation of current and historical events.
  • Batch reports can be exported for further analysis.
  • Software developed and programmed strictly according to ISA S88 standards .
  • Software conforms to GAMP 5 requirements, and CFR Part 11, including audit trails,
    batch reports, and user administration.
  • Systems include access and remote-control modules.
  • Optium AI based optimization software is available as an add on.

Temperature control skid

Control the process temperature and supply fast heating/cooling for the sterilization process


Gear motor for optimizing agitation speed.

Double mechanical seal with sterile liquid lubrication system

Harvest valve

Sterilizable while process in operation


Monitor and control the process.

Retractable housing for calibration/maintenance while process in operation


The heart of the system

Case study

Design and construction one of the world’s first industrial facility for cultured meat

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Our client

An Israeli based biotechnology start-up producing cultivated meat.

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Our task

Developing a production line to support full commercialization of the company’s products.

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Our challenge

Scaling a fed-batch process which involves adding fresh ‘feeds’ of nutrients throughout the run to allow additional cell growth which results in higher product yield, followed by continuous profusion, including media treatment and recycling.

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Process Stages

  1. Sterilization
  2. Media filling
  3. Media conditioning
  4. Inoculation
  5. Fed batch cultivation
  6. Perfusion+ media makeup
  7. Harvesting
  8. CIP
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  • Media preparation vessel
  • Bioreactors
  • Rejuvenation system
  • ATF filtration system
  • Nano filtration system
  • Centrifuge


The first of its kind facility that can produce a commercial scale of cultured meat.

Homogenous mixing with no damage to cells

Precise process control in low and high cell densities

Temp control:
∆(T) < 0.1 °C

DO Control:
∆(DO) < 0.5%

pH control:
∆(pH) < 0.01

Fully automatic CIP (clean in place) process and SIP (sterilization in place)

Automatic continuous makeup media process

Integration with customer systems


MGT Group

MGT Bio is part of the MGT Group of companies. Our multidisciplinary in-house team excels at integrating the best available technologies and production techniques into cost-effective, reliable solutions.

We specialize in designing and manufacturing stainless steel reactors, bioreactors and fermenters, advanced mixing systems, and complete process solutions for various applications in biotech, food & beverages, dairies, cosmetics and other industries.

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